Getting started

How to join the experiment – please read the background information before you begin:

  1. Download BOINC – the software will automatically recognise which operating system your computer uses
  2. Install BOINC – your computer will restart
  3. Launch BOINC and select the project:
  4. Create an account by following the instructions given by BOINC

Your first climate model experiment will automatically be sent to your computer. The BOINC software will keep you up-to-date with progress of the projects you are running.

How it works: distributed computing

Distributed computing involves using the processing power of many computers to solve a large problem. The internet allows volunteers from across the globe to contribute to large-scale projects, such as, to achieve results that would take many times longer to process on an individual super-computer. runs in the background on your computer and automatically:

  • receives instructions from the project scheduling server via BOINC software
  • runs climate models to produce output data
  • uploads the output to the data server
  • notifies the scheduling server that your work is complete, and asks for another task.

If you are used to running other BOINC projects, you might be used to tasks only taking a few minutes or hours to run. With, tasks can take a lot longer to complete, possibly several weeks in some cases. This is all dependant on your computer’s processor speed and the time you devote to the task.


Credits show how much work a computer has contributed to They are awarded in small chunks, according to the type and length of time taken to run a climate model.

You can team up with friends and colleagues to pool your credits – see the user pages for more information.

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