A novel view of global warming

Myles Allen

Reviews of Michael Crichton’s State of Fear, Nature, 433, January 2005. Download pdf (290 KB)

The spectre of liability

Myles Allen

Talk at the Climate Change Solutions meeting, Birmingham, May 2005. Download pdf (2.5 MB)

Attribution of climate change: the spectre of liability

Myles Allen

Presentation to Pretorial Meeting, October 2005. Download pdf (4.8 MB)

Model error in weather and climate forecasting

Myles Allen

Presentation to Reading University, May 2005. Download pdf (1.7 MB)

Probability in attributing and predicting climate change

Myles Allen

British Council, Leipzig, April 2005. Download pdf (4.9 MB)

Is there a safe GHG stabilisation level? Results from

Myles Allen

Report to NERC council, Swindon, April 2005. Download pdf (2.7 MB)

The challenge of volunteer computing with lengthy climate modelling simulations

C. Christensen, T. Aina & D. Stainforth

Proceedings of the 1st IEEE Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, Melbourne, Australia, 5 to 8 December 2005. Download pdf (120 KB)

Climate change

Sam Dean

Cafe Scientifique, Cuba, April 2005. Download pdf (2.3 MB)

Dave Frame

NIWA (National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research), New Zealand, March 2005. Download pdf (2.9 MB)

Constraining climate forecasts: The role of prior assumptions

D. J. Frame, B. B. B. Booth, J. A. Kettleborough, D. A. Stainforth, J. M. Gregory, M. Collins, & M. R. Allen

Geophysical Review Letters, 32, L09702, May 2005. Download pdf (440 KB)